Get the sounds of some of music history's most classic organs with the Nord C2D Organ. This modeling organ offers up two drawbars with 61 keys -- perfect for players who use both -- and has simulation of organ icons like the B3, Farfisa and Vox organs, and even an old-school baroque pipe organ. A footpedal extension unit is optional, but will expand your ability to wrangle new sounds out of the C2D. And with rotary-speaker simulation, a realistic mechanical key click, and a preset section, you can't ask for much more from an organ modeler like the C2D.

Product Specs

  • C2D Organ
  • Wood
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Sweden

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Reviews for the Nord C2D Organ
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  • Verified Purchase

    This is my first organ but the sound is great coming out of it. I just bought a keyboard amp which should enhance the experience. All the feature take some time to learn though.

  • My c2D

    Verified Purchase

    Well all I can say is it was everything that I can imagine the beautiful redwood And it doesn’t even look like that it was used at all sounds 100% beautiful all the keys work all the buttons work took me a little time to get A little familiar with some things but let me just tell you something this is a beautiful instrument and I am very happy that I bought it

  • As Advertised

    Verified Purchase

    It doesn't sound exactly like a pure analog hammond b3 organ, but it's precision is closer than most (including 98% of hammond's digital organs). All of the emulated features are the most precise I've experienced. The portability and versatility added with pipe and vox organ modelling (plus effects)…

  • None better. PERIOD.

    ***Important!*** The "D" model means DRAWBARS! so reviews that denote "push-button-drawbars" are reviewing a different keyboard. Also, call me crazy, but I don't want my organ to be anything but an organ, you don't buy a flute to be a trumpet, so the complaint that this instrument doesn't emulate ot…

  • Great instrument

    I bought this mostly for the Hammond emulation. It is a vast improvement over the early Nord Electro. The Farfisa and Vox organs are a bonus. PROS: Lightweight alternative to the real thing. Great sound engine and effects (especially the Leslie emulation). Can be found for a fraction of the newer …