Product Specs

  • C4 Distortion
  • Graphic
  • 2018

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Reviews for the Nanolog Audio C4 Distortion 2018
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  • Pretty Excellent

    Verified Purchase

    I got serial number #18, very cool. So, imo, there are two types of OD/Distortion pedals. The very special like the Friedman BE-OD/Deluxe and the Revv G3/G4 and then the generic pedals like the TS, The Dude, Tumnus, Keely Filaments, etc. This C4 falls into the very special category. All three to…

  • Amazing pedal

    Just watched a few reviews of this pedal, nost notably Henning Pauly's. This is an amazing sounding pedal! The carbon setting is especially cool, really tight. $321 CAD is pretty steep, but it sounds fantastic and it is cutting edge tech for a guitar pedal. So, I have a high-quality used kidney I need to sell...