Featuring a highly coveted hand-wired circuit board and simple yet nuanced controls for speed and intensity, the MXR Phase 100 Block is one of the originators of the phasing effect. Known as a signature sound on albums such as Genesis' "Trick of the Trail," this sought-after effect provides one of the warmest, fullest phases ever produced.

Product Specs

  • Phase 100 Block
  • Orange
  • 1980s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the MXR Phase 100 Block Logo 1980s
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  • Verified Purchase

    My Block 100 turned out to have a 1978 stamped pot. It sounds very good. Do I wish I shelled out more for a vintage script 100 ?..........maybe. But I paid $99 for it, less than 1/2 of what the cheapest vintage script 100s are going for. I've never played a script 100, but I recently got a vintage s…

  • My go to phaser now

    Verified Purchase

    Mine was advertised as a 70's on Reverb but after some research I learned that the pot is the way to date these. It turned out to be a 1980 (buyer beware, ya know!), but having said that I am still very happy with this pedal. It has four settings and a speed pot. I keep the speed pot at 12:00 and us…

  • Amazing

    Verified Purchase

    Every single old school block logo phase 100 I have ever had I've been very happy with. Only phaser Kurt cobain ever used! Listen to the nirvana track curmudgeon to hear what this bad boy can do. Great and deep phasing. Built way better than dunlop versions! Easy to mod or fix up as well. Miss you old MXR!!