Mutable Instruments Tides
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The Mutable Instruments Tides is a unique take on a looping AD envelope generator intended for both LFO modulation and transient controls with some additional features. Tides is capable of audio rate oscillations to minute long cycles offering 'tidal' outputs of high, low, uni-polar and bi-polar signal outputs. There are also unique 'freeze' and FM options not found on common function generators. This module can be used as a digital VCO, LFO or complex envelope generator with the utmost control and flexibility over every parameter.

Specs: 14HP, 55mA +12V, 5maA - 12V

Product Specs

  • Tides
  • Silver
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Mutable Instruments Tides
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  • Verified Purchase

    Super flexible interesting module! Really love PLL mode (hint clock it with an audio rate signal), but modulation and synth voice are also amazing. I should really get three of these 😂

  • I am very concerned about the future of this planet.

    Verified Purchase

    real nice module. fun for make noize/sound/musics. capitalism is not a sustainable system. what do we do?

  • Amazing

    Verified Purchase

    In 15 minutes of figuring it out, I had it sounding like a cyborg saying ya ya ya. It's super fun and pretty easy to figure out.

  • It's a modulator

    like all things Mutable, there is a bit of a zen like learning curve to it, but in the end it is a lovely little guy.