Mutable Instruments Rings - Magpie Murdered Out Panel
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The Mutable Instruments Rings is the most dedicated and fully featured Physical Modeling Eurorack module. Based entirely around a resonator core, this module needs to be 'excited' or 'strummed' by a gate to be activated. This emulates vibrations of structures simulated by the Rings in 3 different sections; Modal Synthesis mode, Sympathetic Strings mode, and Inharmonic Strings mode that can all be plucked or process external signals. Additionally, Rings uses a unique take on polyphony that lets the previous note 'ring' out and decay while a new note is played. 

Specs: 14HP, 110mA +12V / 5mA - 12V

Product Specs

  • Rings
  • Silver
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Mutable Instruments Rings Eurorack Resonator
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  • nanoRings is every bit as good as the original

    Verified Purchase

    I have the nanoRings version and it sounds incredible! Identical to the bigger brother. Plus it's much smaller!

  • Does Its Thing Very Well

    Verified Purchase

    This is wonderful on its own, but is also especially great to layer in with other sounds. And you'd be surprised at the number of unique tones you can get with so (relatively) few and simple controls. Mutable does it again!

  • Physical Modeling Masterpiece

    Verified Purchase

    Olivier Gillet creates deep and often unusual synth modules that sound spectacular. Look on youtube for some great demos. When I have some more time on the module I will post a thorough review. A keeper! I couldn't be more pleased so far.

  • Might buy a 2nd

    Verified Purchase

    So good I might buy another one.

  • Verified Purchase

    A wonderful and highly-regarded module that excels at plucked and struck sounds, like bells, tuned percussion, harps. Definitely very "digital" sounds, but unlike those of typical FM synthesis. Operation is pretty intuitive, but it does have a learning curve simply because the knobs and buttons crea…