Music Nomad Cradle Cube Neck Support for Stringed Instruments

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Reviews for the Music Nomad Cradle Cube Neck Support for Stringed Instruments
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  • Does the job

    I'm a player, not a luthier, so my use of this block is limited to the minor repairs and string changes I do on my guitars. The block works well with my acoustic, slanted headstock electrics, and Fender electrics. Worth the price.

  • Verified Purchase

    This cradle works as advertised and is stable. The different options for sides is cool for different instruments (deep-bodied acoustics, electrics) and the rubber skin keeps things from slipping too much. I like the compartment, but isn't entirely practical since if you have to use the opposite side, you'd have to remove everything from it due to being open.

  • Restringing design issue

    I had this cradle and it is nice and stable. But, most times when I'm restringing my guitar with it in this cradle the strings catch up on high pointy sides. Sometimes as you are winding up and don't notice it, you can get a bend in your string... ruining it. I've replaced this with a different on…

  • Handy x 10000

    Verified Purchase

    Wonderful tool for doing guitar work. Prevents slippage and supports instrument very well

  • Verified Purchase

    Perfect stable device for knock support during restringing.