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While working for Rickenbacker in the '50s, Mosrite founder Semie Moseley created a triple-necked guitar prototype. Eventually, he was approached by Joe Maphis to build a double-necked version, and the model that resulted was put into regular production in the '60s. The 6-string/12-string Joe Maphis Mark XVIII was similar the popular Ventures model, complete with dual high-output pickups for each neck, and a vibramute tremolo system on the 6-string portion. 

Years of Production: 1961 - 1969

Body Style: Double-neck, Ventures style body shape 

Design Elements:
 Bolt-on necks, vibramute tremolo system on 6-string section, Rosewood fingerboard, chrome plated control knobs.

Notable Players: Joe Maphis

Product Specs

  • Joe Maphis Mark XVIII
  • Sunburst
  • 1966

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