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The original Moog Taurus was a foot pedal-controlled analog synth with 13 foot keys and a five octave range, though it was primarily used for bass work. The Taurus was originally intended as a bass complement to the Apollo and Lyra keyboard synths in an ensemble set-up referred to as the Constellation. 

Two later versions of the Taurus were released, the unpopular and short-lived Taurus II (basically a foot-controlled Moog Rogue) which ended production after a two year run in 1983, and the Taurus III reincarnation of the original. Only 1000 specimens of the Taurus III were made in 2010, each one a fully analog faithful reproduction of the Taurus I. 

Years of Production: ca. 1974 -1981

Product Specs

  • Taurus I
  • Black
  • 1974 - 1981
Made In
  • United States

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