Moog Multimoog 1978 -1981
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The Multimoog is the big brother to the famous Micromoog. This portable synth featured 2 analog VCO with variable waveforms and the famous Moog 24/dB filter, but also added an early version of aftertouch and more flexible modulation capabilities then its predecessor. Functionally, the Multimoog falls in between the smaller MicroMoog & their flagship MiniMoog at a much more affordable price tag. 

Product Specs

  • Multimoog
  • Black
  • 1978 - 1981
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Moog Multimoog 1978 -1981
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  • most underrated synth ever

    We all know and love the minimoog, but the multimoog is a different beast. After touch control, sample & hold, pitch ribbon and so much more - and it's a whole different tone. I would never say one is better than the other - just different.

  • Moog Multi Moog

    Verified Purchase

    I had one of these the year they came out about 1978. We were playing a lot of Genesis and I could not find the ARP Pro Soloist they used. I was also listening to guitar players like Alan Holsworth and he has such a liquid legato sound. This Moog had a very singing tone similar to the guitar sou…

  • So many possibilities

    Verified Purchase

    The sound of the multimoog is so weird, liquid and metallic, the modulation and aftertouch offer a lot of fun and I always find new sounds each time I switch it on. If you are inspired by instruments and their sound like me, this one is the one to go for. No presets here, it’s a matter of taste. I o…