Being perhaps the most popular version of one of the most iconic monophonic analog synth series of all time is no easy feat, but the Moog Minimoog Model D manages to pull it off. As one of the first non-modular synthesizers, the Minimoog Model D is highly intuitive and requires very little knowledge to use. The model D boasts contouring circuits and three separate, completely original oscillators, one of which can be used as an LFO. Although the Model D was reissued, the '70s Minimoog Model D hasn't depreciated in value, desirability, or style.

Product Specs

  • MiniMoog Model D
  • Wood
  • 1971 - 1982
Made In
  • United States
Number of Keys
  • 44 Keys

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Reviews for the Moog Minimoog Model D 1971 - 1982
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  • The original and still the best

    Verified Purchase

    Sonically, you can't beat an early Minimoog in our opinion - the original oscillator boards may be less stable so not so good for live use, but the sound is spectacular - rich and creamy - one of our customers referred to his early Mini as sounding like it'd been recorded to tape and needed no furth…

  • Minimoog Model D

    Verified Purchase

    Lucky to find the 73rd ever made R.A. Minimoog model D. Minimoogs are great, arguably one of the most important and influential instruments ever created in the history of mankind. Mini's have been literally heard in every style of music since they were created. And nearly 40 years later, they sti…

  • Vintage Mini Moog Model D

    Verified Purchase

    Sounds Fantastic !! If you can, purchase one that has been serviced properly by an experienced reputable tech as recently as possible before purchasing. (Otherwise buying and rebuilding will get very costly and might not be up to par quality wise. Never sacrifice your quality sound to cut corners!!)…