Take your phase modulation to the extreme with the Moog Minifooger MF Flange, a 100% analog BBD-based phaser. Two voicing modes are available at the flick of a switch, one vocal and one traditional. An entirely sweepable Feedback knob tightens up the resonance of your sound, and the Time control pushes the boundaries of how far a flanger can go.

Product Specs

  • Minifooger MF Flange
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Moog Minifooger MF Flange
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  • so-so

    it looks good, well built, but reallyI was not impressed with the sound

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  • Verified Purchase

    Simply a great flanger with large parameters.

  • White out, then fine sharpie, then barely move the trimpot

    Verified Purchase

    Do that and, you get a more analog, BUT less clear sound. This beats my old Yamaha FL10 MII ( I still love dearly) after that tweak, but... trims in delays and such usually shouldn't leave factory settings. As it comes, super cool for steel drum sounds or hitting with a thick fuzz, and gets the subt…

  • Please don't buy.

    Because they're discontinued and they've been inexpensive for awhile—unlike the Delay, Drive and Chorus. I think if people would use it with an expression pedal or a sequencer like an 8-Step or SQ-1 they would discover the hidden gem of the Minifooger line. I sold my Midi MuRF and kept this. No, not…

  • Inspirational

    Verified Purchase

    Flanger sounds inspired me to record several tracks the day I received it. And re-record ones where I had used the DAW plug in flanger. Modulating with the expression pedal lets me get just the right amount of effect in the right places. Phaser sound settings are solid and chorus is indeed eerie as advertised.