Vintage MemoryMogg with Carrying Case
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The Memorymoog is the last official synth released by the original Moog company before they went bankrupt in 1982. It combines 100 patch memory slots (hence the name) with six voice polyphony to create a unique polysynth with a triple VCO Moog flavor. There are two models, the basic and Plus, which features a rudimentary MIDI implementation making it more valuable. Both models are often found retrofitted though with better MIDI setups, improved oscillator stability, and other enhancements.

Years of Production: 1982 - 1985

Polyphony: 6 voices

Number of Keys: 61 

Product Specs

  • Memorymoog
  • Wood
  • 1982 - 1985
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Moog Memorymoog 1982 - 1985
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  • MemoryMoog - BLOWS AWAY A MOOG ONE

    The newly released Moog One just ensured that the MemoryMoog, and all vintage poly analogs will continue to increase in value. The weak, anemic sound of the Moog One cannot compare to this classic monster's raw sound. Not by a long shot. There is nothing quite like the huge sound of these Curtis …

  • Memorymoog

    Nothing to compare between the moog one and the memorymoog.. I will definitely go for a Memorymoog !

  • Memorymoog

    Verified Purchase

    Classic synth. Moog One will win in the modulation department, but will absolutely lose in the sound department. Check out the 'Memorymoog Rosen' video on youtube and you will understand.

  • Pricing Will Come Down

    I owned one of these beasts back in the day, and they are incredible. However, with the release of the Moog One, with 8 or 16 voice options, these behemoths of the past will have to start coming down in price. The Memorymoog cannot do what the Moog One does and the cap price is around $8000 for the 16voice model. IMHO

  • The King of vintage poly analogs

    Nothing sounds like the Memorymoog, it's the undisputed king of poly analogs. It was brought down by the DX7 and issues with quality control but if you find one working today chances are it will be very stable. Still advanced in some features compared to many of today's offerings where it really shi…