Expanding on the semi-modular concept of the hit Mother-32, the Moog Grandmother packs even more synthesis power into an impressive instrument capable of crafting rich timbres on its own or interfacing with modular gear. A powerful sequencer / arpeggiator, flexible modulation options, coveted Moog oscillators and filters, genuine spring reverb, and clear, inspired layout make the Grandmother the perfect bridge into the world of modular synthesis or an outstanding standalone tool. Equally capable of bring a new Moog flavor to the experienced synthesist or ushering a synth neophyte into the world of electronic sound design, the Grandmother has something for everyone.

Product Specs

  • Grandmother 32-Key Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
  • Black / Multi-Colored Panel
  • 2018
Made In
  • United States
Number of Keys
  • 32 Keys

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Reviews for the Moog Grandmother 32-Key Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
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  • Good times

    Verified Purchase

    This is my first time owning a Moog, so I don't have a lot of firsthand knowledge about how it rates against other Moog gear. I have owned enough other synths though to be familiar with that heartbreaking feeling of disappointment when a new purchase falls short of your expectations. That has not at…

  • Soundtrack machine

    I bought this synth on the strength of the price and because of Andre Younge's very inspiring review. I've owned a Moog Prodigy and a Minimoog OS and this thing really holds its own against its older family members. The arpeggiator and patching functionality make it very useful for what I do. It …

  • Amazing sound, feel. Solid build.

    Verified Purchase

    The keyboard is full size, AND feels wonderful. MIDI options are really well thought out... so I am using this on the daily to control my other synths. The onboard synth is simple, but sounds incredible. But the ability to re-patch makes it much more versatile that a typical 'internally routed synth…

  • Verified Purchase

    Really easy and fun to play on its own- I have a voyager and had a bass 32 or whatever from a few years back but this one has that nice Moog quality but with a little extra flexibility- way more interesting sounds and works well with my modular gear - got some wild sounds in a few minutes when I combined with euro rack stuff Really good and for under 800 quid

  • Its THAT sound!

    Verified Purchase

    By FAR the best sounding of the recent MOOGs. Has that old 60's/70's/Boards of Canada vibe. LOVE IT!