The Mooer ShimVerb Pro stereo reverb pedal gives you switchable reverb types, a wealth of control and a unique, crystalline "Shimmer" feature. Room, hall, church, plate and spring emulations via powerful DSP add remarkable dimension to your sound with full control over wet and dry signals, high and low cuts for the reverb, adjustable decay and pre-delay. Switch in the Shimmer setting for upper-octave harmonic love. Solidly built to last through grueling gigs and tours, the Mooer ShimVerb Pro packs a ton of versatility into a relatively small package.

Product Specs

  • Shimverb Pro
  • Silver
  • 2015
Made In
  • China

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Reviews for the Mooer ShimVerb Pro Stereo Reverb Pedal
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  • Very good for the price

    It really deserves 4 stars but I am giving it 5 because it is too much pedal for its price. But why 4? I thought it was important to share this: 1.- Its DSP signal does cut a tiny bit of lows and mids from your dry signal. Either when the reverb is engaged, or when the trails are set to ON and the…

  • Cave factor 5000

    Verified Purchase

    I had been playing around with the idea of buying a second reverb pedal just so I could have one huge sustain//very wet sounding verb, and a second, shorter tighter one. Enter the Shimverb Pro. The thing I love the most about this pedal is that you can set two different reverb tones. The main reve…

  • Robin Guthrie in a box

    Verified Purchase

    Ok, that's an exaggeration, but this thing is immersive and beautiful sounding. The spring and plate reverbs don't sound anything like what they're named after, but that's ok; they sound good. The church reverb is ridiculous. The shimmer harmonies are a little goofy sounding and chirpy. I don't li…