The Mooer Red Truck Combined Effects Pedal is an affordable all-in-one solution for five clutch guitar effects in one place. Built with individual slots for reverb, delay, modulation, distortion, and overdrive, the Red Truck combines lush analog tone and high-grade digital modeling with the added functionality of an onboard tuner, tap tempo, and stereo inputs for a complete effects package at an attractive price.

Product Specs

  • Red Truck
  • Red
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Mooer Red Truck Combined Effects Pedal
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  • Mooer Red Truck Combined Effects Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Great product. Lots of effects at reasonable cost. Compact design. You’ll be pleased if your not a picky audiophile.

  • Pretty good multi-effects.

    Verified Purchase

    I bought this to replace all my boutique effects for use at home. Less cables and one unit to control makes this little box perfect for my needs. The sounds in there are pretty good, but I have a few critical things to add. Having the boost on a toggle switch is not great, you have to turn it on by …

  • OK for the Price

    Verified Purchase

    I wouldn't recommend if you are serious about your tone. I thought I would be getting the actual circuits from their individual pedals for a bargain price and a simple package, a mistake I keep repeating!. I was disappointed. The package is small and convenient but the sound is barely fair and the level of control is a problem for me.

  • Great effects, simple to use

    Verified Purchase

    Using the four cable method allows me to add overdrive to the front end and some basic effects to the effects loop of either a Marshall DSL40CR or an Egnater Vengeance head. Works great and easy to dial in and set up presets.

  • Great Multi-Effects unit with a low profile and small foot print

    Verified Purchase

    First of all, does anyone care what I bloody well think? I'm not sure but I'll tell you what my experience was like. First It was sold without a power supply, nor was I told it didn't come with a power supply and that I should order it separately because when I got it I couldn't use it. So When yo…