The Mooer Lofi Machine is a compact, unique effect for reducing the sample rate of your guitar signal, creating effects ranging from subtle grunge to outright digital squawk. Mini-knobs control the sample rate and mix of clean signal, with a full-sized knob to control bit depth. Three switchable frequency ranges cover guitar, bass and synth inputs, so the Lofi Machine can add retro sheen or unpredictable artifacts to any instrument you throw at it. An excellent tool for chillwave, math rock and experimental music.

Product Specs

  • LoFi Machine
  • Green
  • 2010s
Made In
  • China

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Reviews for the Mooer LoFi Machine
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  • Verified Purchase


  • Not the best bitcrusher, but sounds like it's worth twice the price.

    Verified Purchase

    Pros: -Compact. I like small pedals. I play a mix of post rock, drone, shoegaze, and noise, so I have a bunch of pedals. Small pedals are a good thing. My board doesn't have room for anything else crammed into a Hammond 1590DD. -Rugged and durable construction. This is the first Mooer pedal I've own…

  • Niche effect, amazing experience.

    Verified Purchase

    Before you buy this: do you want your instrument to sound like a dying Nintendo? If so, you need this pedal. Probably one of the more affordable bitcrushers out there, it's admittedly a bit strange to set up. I recommend putting it pre-amp, but post any distortion you have. FX loop seems to dull it…

  • Solid value, good addition to the pedals that I use to my mixer's FX bus

    Verified Purchase

    A few reasons buying this pedal is a no-brainer for folks that value hardware: The price is low. It's tough to achieve this sound with any of the pedals most folks have. There aren't many competing pedals. It's an improvement over distortion, fuzz or color compression in some scenarios where you want to add warmth or crunch to a track.

  • Verified Purchase

    This is incredibly niche pedal, it's not for everyone. It's very sensitive and requires a lot of adjustment, so finding your setting can be a daunting task, but once you get it you can start really enjoying this pedal. I don't think it works well with distortion, but it doesn't need to. A must have for anyone who plays chip tunes or just wants that one really weird thing.