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Reviews for the Mooer GE100 Multi-Effect
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  • Functions of a big high end multi effects pedal in a 5 1/2"X9" wonder pedal.

    Verified Purchase

    I just got this little marvel yesterday and only got a few hours to experiment with it.This is an amazing little pedal that could dwarf the big boys if function alone was the issue.I haven't had time to assess all the functions but the ones that I have tried are outstanding.This pedal will make it p…

  • Excellent Multi-Effects and very affordable

    Verified Purchase

    Great little unit and very user friendly....Well designed and the sounds are all surprisingly good....Build quality is very good too....No real complaints from me...especially at this price!!!

  • Lots of pedal for the price and size

    Verified Purchase

    I mainly bought this so I can take a bunch of effects with me when traveling on business trips. I have a travel guitar and small amp. Adding this allows me to bring a pedal board! The PE100 multi-effect processor is a very compact solution with touch-screen controls. Has a choice of reverbs, delays…

  • Verified Purchase

    I'm a new user to pedals . This multi-function pedal is what I felt I needed , the looper is great and easy to use. The fx covers many basic and advanced selections. I love the pedal functions for wah wah and volume use. Great sound and clean bypass. The screen size and mode lights really sold me on the Mooer GE100.

  • Affordable multi fx/multi purpose pedal!

    Verified Purchase

    I am a beginner guitar player and just need an all around pedal. I think this pedal will be all I need for quite some time. Really impressed so far, great quality multi-functioning pedal. The screen size is what sold this one to me over it's competitors.