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Reviews for the Mooer 002 UK Gold 900 Micro Preamp
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  • Verified Purchase

    It's alright; a little noisey and fizzy, but so is a real 900. It gets a little warm temp wise; but again, so does a real 900. It even has the basic character of my JCM 900 dual reverb. I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't for unresponsive feel.

  • reviews on youtube makes it sound better

    Verified Purchase

    does what it is supposed to, clean channel is fine but in channel B gain makes it real Noisy and kinda cheap , remember, 100$ toys makes 1000$ guitars sound like 100$ guitars.

  • Awesome

    Verified Purchase

    Ive bought and axe fx, helix, synergy etc...this actually sounds good into a DI box to mixer. I love it! In cab sim mode of course. I am so impressed. Thier AC30 pedal sucks though FYI. I thought its clean would be great.

  • GREAT product.

    A/B'd it with the real thing. Really does an amazing job. Played a gig with this and Baby Bomb power amp pedal. Worked perfectly fine and sounded very very close to the real thing. Totally usable.