The Mono M80 Single Electric Guitar Case is built to the exacting standards of military and expedition-grade equipment to ensure your gear gets to the gig in perfect condition. Culling together features like an integral ABS molded panel design, patented HeadLock headstock suspension technology, and a hybrid case/gig bag design, this may very well be the last case you'll ever need.

Product Specs

  • M80-EG M80 Single Electric Guitar Hybrid Gig Bag
  • Black
  • Steel Grey
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Mono M80 Single Electric Guitar Hybrid Gig Bag
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  • You know what it is

    You know what it is


    Verified Purchase

    I got this case because now I can carry an entire guitar rig from my car to the gig in 1 go. Amp in one hand, pedal board in the other, guitar on my back. Boom.

  • best bag money can buy

    Verified Purchase

    This really is the best bag you can get for your guitar. It'll protect better than most hard cases, but you will have to pay for it, it isn't cheap, but there's nothing cheap about this bag! You pay for what you get

  • Sleek and Solid Case

    Verified Purchase

    Sturdy and well-designed case with ample storage room in the pockets for picks, capos, slides, cables, etc. I feel confident that my Tele is safe inside, especially with the neck strapped in place. Very satisfied with this case.

  • Amazing bag

    Verified Purchase

    Never have I felt better about hauling my Strat around town. Secure fit, the neck lock idea is fabulous, and tons of room for cables, tools, and a tinned beverage or two. More importantly for a dedicated walker living in Portland, OR, it’s comfortable to wear as a backpack and seems suitably water-resistant. Total score.