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The Mesa Mark I is the original Mesa Boogie combo amp (though it wasn't called the Mark I until the Mark II came out in 1978). Mesa Mark amps evolved out a modified Fender Princeton reworked by Mesa founder Randall Smith in 1969. The amps went into regular production a couple years later, laying the groundwork for the high-powered combo amps that would become synonymous with Mesa in the '70s.  

Years of Production:
 1971 - 1978

Electronics: 60 or 100 watts, 1 x 15-inch speaker

Controls: Volume 1, Volume 2, Master, Treble, Bass, Middle, Presence, EQ

Notable Players: Ron Wood, Carlos Santana, Keith Richards

Product Specs

  • Mark I 1x15
  • Black
  • 1970s
Made In
  • United States