Mesa Boogie Mark Five 35 Tube Guitar Amplifier Head


The Mesa Boogie Mark Five: 35 is an all-tube guitar amp head (combo version also available) that puts forth that unmistakable Boogie tone -- perfect for recordings, small- and mid-sized clubs. This dual-channel head sports six modes, two solo functions with separate level controls, Mesa's legendary 5-band graphic EQ, even a built-in Cabclone for cabinet-free operation for recording or direct-to-mixer stage rigs. Switchable output power lets you go from 35 watts to 25 to 10, changing the clipping point of the power tubes and dropping the volume a bit for different scenarios.

Product Specs

  • Mark Five 35 Guitar Amplifier Head
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Mesa Boogie Mark Five 35 Tube Guitar Amplifier Head
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  • Great amp!

    I've had several Marshalls over the years (JCM 800, Jubilee...) and currently own a Mesa Dual Rectifier and the Mark V 35. The Mark V 35 is probably the most versatile and best sounding amp out there. It has all the features and sounds you might need.

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  • Best Mark since the IIC+.

    Verified Purchase

    I've had the IIB, IIC, IIC+, IIC++, III red, III blue, IVa, JP2C and now this Five 35. This little beast is the best Mark since the IIC+. Buy one!!!

  • Versatility, thy name is Mark V

    Verified Purchase

    This is an extremely versatile amp that sounds huge, don't let the EL84's fool you. Plenty of volume, headroom, and power under the hood. It can do everything from pristine cleans to mild breakup to crunchy blues to classic rock to 80's rock to high gain metal. You can choose to drive the preamp or…

  • Even better than I hoped for.

    Verified Purchase

    At first I was trying to figure out a way of not having to add the big floor pedal to my stage rig. Forget that. As soon as I tried the amp out at one of our rehearsals I realized how that pedal is the key to unlocking all the potential of the most versatile amp I've ever owned. There are 6 differe…

  • Probably the last amp you’ll ever need.

    Verified Purchase

    I received this amp and all I can say is wow, I’ve finally found my amp, the versatility is mind numbing but in a good way. The cleans are nice and sparkly, the ‘fat’ mode is probably the best clean on this amp. The crunch mode is downright nasty and this is my only critique of this amp, it sho…

More Information

The Mesa Boogie Mark Five 35 guitar amp head with two channels and six "modes" or voices. The Mark Five 35 also features a tube-driven spring reverb, solo mode, DI output, reverb send level per channel and switchable 35/25/10 watt power amp stage (4x EL84).