Mesa Boogie Mark Five 25 2-Channel 25-Watt Guitar Amp Head


The Mesa Boogie Mark Five 25 head is a compact, all-tube amp with signature Mesa tones and a plethora of features making it a pinnacle of versatility. The clean and dirty channels take you through the history of Boogie, from the Mark I's boost to the Mark II and Mark IV's lead tones. Shape your tone with the legendary Boogie 5-band graphic EQ, add some ambience with the tube-driven spring reverb, and completely change the sonic personality of the amp with switchable output wattages and operating classes. An onboard headphone amp for silent practice and Cabclone DI for direct recording and cab-less live rigs round out the feature set to make the Mark Five 25 one of the most flexible amps on the market.

Product Specs

  • Mark Five 25 2-Channel 25-Watt Guitar Amp Head
  • Black
  • 2014 - 2019
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Mesa Boogie Mark Five 25 2-Channel 25-Watt Guitar Amp Head
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  • Nasty little fellow, I like it.

    Verified Purchase

    It is not quite as loud as I'd hoped it would be, but my wife appreciates that. It will be just fine in my spare bedroom/office/ studio, or at a small gig. I like it.

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  • I've Found My Tone

    Verified Purchase

    After 40 years of searching, I've finally found my tone in an amplifier. I've played through other Mesa's and was never really impressed but they nailed it with this. I've read reviews where people said it was too hard to dial in a tone and I have to strongly disagree. Not only was I quickly able to…

  • Lunchbox size with 5 course meal sound

    Verified Purchase

    I've had this amp for over a year now so I've had a chance to experience it and dial in the sounds I enjoy. This is my third Mesa amp and I would say the most versatile. The clean channel doesn't have a really crystal clear sound to it but it is not anything that would detract from the amp as a wh…

  • Versatile light weight amp

    I have owned at least eight or nine Mesa amps over the years. The Mark V 25 is a very versatile light weight amp. I had a Mark V 90 when they first came out and ending up selling it because it was WAY more amp than I needed. Plus I prefer to have gear on a smaller light weight character. The M…

  • No joke.

    Verified Purchase

    I am a California native so probably very biased regarding Boogies in general. I've had several others(dual rectifier head, 50:50 amp and 5:50+ head) but the marks are another level yet. I've played for three decades - many Marshalls, Peaveys (JSX's hi-gain channel wasn't too far from a mk4 but c…