The Mesa Boogie Flux Drive is capable of producing its own distortion in front of a clean amplifier, and pushing the front-end of an already dirty amp for added crunch and sustain. This versatile box is a great tool for any guitarist looking to push their dirty tones into new and exciting territories.

Product Specs

  • Flux Drive Overdrive Pedal
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Mesa Boogie Flux Drive
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  • Great Counterpoint to Other Drives

    Verified Purchase

    I picked this up as a counterpoint to my Moog MF Drive. I had previously tried a Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive Mod and an EarthQuaker Palisades, and while both pedals are very good, when dialed in to my liking they sounded a lot like the Moog, only not as dynamic. Enter the Flux Drive, which definitely …

  • Flux Drive

    Verified Purchase

    Definitely staying on my board. I swore I’d never dial in transparent low gain overdrive but this is definitely more usable and articulate than any tubescreamer, ocd, or tumnus style pedal I’ve used while still remaining heavy.

  • Classic Mesa OD Tone pedal

    Verified Purchase

    The tone of the Flux Drive pedal has great tight low end, fat but articulate mids, and shimmering highs that are not harsh. I use this pedal to overdrive my Mesa Triaxis, Line 6 Helix, and Mesa Rectifier preamps. In each case it adds a sweet overdrive tone across the frequency spectrum....great for …

  • Great Sound!!

    Verified Purchase

    I love this pedal. I have many other high end overdrive type pedals. It is the best sounding out of all of them.

  • Better than an OCD

    This blows the OCD out the water