Mesa Boogie Cabclone 8 ohm Speaker Cabinet Simulator / Load Box

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The Mesa Boogie Cabclone is a quality load box and highly convincing speaker simulator -- just plug your head straight in and take the sound of the amp straight to your audio interface, the front-of-house mixer, or even your favorite set of headphones to hear the pure sound of the head. The front panel sports a DI level control, polarity reversal, ground lift, and three switchable voices which emulate closed back, open back, and "vintage" cabs. The rear panel has all the I/O you'll need, with an input rated up to 150 watts, a thru to go into a live cabinet, balanced direct out, +4dB line out, and a headphone output.

Product Specs

  • Cabclone 8 ohm
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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