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Reviews for the Mesa Boogie 1x15 Subway Cabinet
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  • Mesa subway cab

    Verified Purchase

    Nice cab like the size and weight! A little pricey if bought new but a quality built cab that sounds bigger than it is.

  • Great Bass Cab

    Verified Purchase

    Great bass sound, and light weight.

  • Superb bass cab!

    Verified Purchase

    I have coupled this cab with a Subway 1x12 cab, both driven by a D-800 head-the overall combination of the three components is outstanding. The 1x15 cab is only slightly larger and heavier than the 1x12 (both are extremely portable) but has a wonderfully deep tone that is probably best described as…

  • As good as the Mesa Powerhouse 1x15 IMO

    Verified Purchase

    I've been a Mesa user for over 10 years. My previous live rig was a Mesa D-800 head into a pair of 1x15 Powerhouse cabinets. I rarely play live gigs anymore - primarily studio work now - but after selling the PH cabs, I wanted a good 1x15 for the studio and for an occasional live gig. I had read …

  • Why did it take so long for these cabs to be made!!! All the years of lifting and fighting with an 8x10 cab or the 1x15 cabs that weighed 1000lbs... These subway 1x15 cabs have huge sound, are lightweight and just flat out look clean on stage. The price is crazy high, but it's one of those purchases that you don't regret