Meinl 14" Classics Medium Soundwave Hi-Hat (Bottom)

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Founded in 1951 and based in Germany, Meinl Percussion is one of the two leaders in European cymbal and percussion manufacture alongside Paiste.

The Classics series is one of Meinl's cost-effective cymbal lines intended for beginners and intermediate players. The cymbals are constructed from B8 alloy using the sheet bronze process for an emphasis on highs and a bright, cutting profile.

The Medium Soundwave Hi-Hat features a balanced tonal character and grooved bottom hat for fast response.

This price reflects the bottom hi-hat.

Years of production: 1996-present

Composition: B8 Alloy (92% copper, 8% tin)

Associated artists: Brann Dailor, Tommy Clufetos, Chris Adler

Product Specs

  • 14" Classics Medium Soundwave Hi-Hat (Bottom)
  • Brilliant
  • 2010s