Building off the OD808, Maxon created the OD-820, a Klon clone on a mission: to beat out the pedal on which it’s based. The OD-820 Overdrive Pro wears many hats, including clean booster and overdrive. Built specifically to play nicely with tube amps, the OD-820 will give you a thick, full overdrive without the noise you might get from a Klon. This creamy drive is super sensitive and will respond to your picking without fail. A new kind of Klon clone, the OD-820 gives you versatility and tone for days.

Product Specs

  • OD 820 Overdrive Pro
  • Green
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Japan

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Reviews for the Maxon OD-820 Overdrive
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  • Sounded ok but...

    Verified Purchase

    Liked what I heard on YouTube, and the Maxon does sound pretty good using low to moderate gain, but in my opinion, my AnalogMan modded TS9 and a Hudson Sidecar sound just as good with more low end available . And this pedal is a monster size-wise, takes up a lot of pedalboard space for what tone and options it provides . Just not for me..

  • Freaking goooood!

    I compared Ze Maxon OD820 with the Maxon VOP9 and the Maxon OD9+Pro. The Maxon OD820 simply get the best sound for my need. This pedal cut less bass, and have add more power to my crunch rhythm sound. I mainly use it as a clean boost to kick harder my preamp. That would be my equation: OD820 > VOP9 > OD9+Pro > OD9 > OD808 > TS9. ROCK ON!

  • Its good, damn good

    Offers flat mids option to the Maxon OD 808. Yes you heard it right, thats flat mids, a modern sound. Very low noise. I bought mine 15 years ago.

  • Best Klone I have tried

    This pedal really blew me away, probably my favorite overdrive pedal on the market. If mine was stolen or lost tomorrow I would buy another one yesterday.

  • Smooth fuzzy noise

    Verified Purchase

    Love the Maxon OD 820 - It gives me great breakup but maintains the original sound. Awesome for blues and rock. Easy to dial in and delivers boost when you need it. Old School but fun!