Marshall JTM45 MK II 2-Channel 45-Watt Guitar Amp Head 1963 - 1966

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The JTM45 was the first Marshall amplifier, and essentially remains as the end-all-be-all for collectors and tone-crazed guitar slingers alike. The highly sought-after Marshall JTM45 MK II amplifiers rocked the world when they were introduced in 1963 after a short run of garage-built prototypes. Electronically, these early Marshalls are basically clones of the 1959 Fender Bassman amp, but the use of different preamp (ECC83) and power amp (5881 or KT66) tubes in the JTM45 gave them a raucous, present voice all their own. Compare prices on this legendary first run of Marshall amps on Reverb and bring home a piece of history.

Product Specs

  • JTM45 MK II 2-Channel 45-Watt Guitar Amp Head
  • Black with Block Logo
  • Black with Script Logo
  • Sandwich Panel with Coffin Logo
  • 1963 - 1966
Made In
  • United Kingdom

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