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The Marshall DSL15H is an all-tube 15W guitar head in a compact "small box" enclosure that's perfect for rehearsals, club gigs and recording. Two footswitchable channels take you through a range of tones, clean and dirty, even getting into higher-gain territory that vintage Marshalls couldn't do without the help of stompboxes. In addition to the classic 3-band + presence EQ section, the DSL15H adds the "Deep" switch with adds low-end size with a resonant bass boost that absolutely rips on chugging rhythm parts. The 6V6 power tubes are switchable on the rear panel from pentode to triode, halving the wattage and changing the clip point to get a saggier distortion when you crank the volume.

Product Specs

  • DSL15H 15W Tube Guitar Head
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Vietnam

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