Marshall DSL15C 15/7.5W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

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The Marshall DSL15C all-tube combo amp is perfect for small clubs and rehearsals, with plenty of power to keep up with even the loudest drummers. Switchable from 15-watts to 7.5, the 6V6-based DSL15C packs a punchy bottom end and pushes impressive amounts of air through its single 12" Celestion G12E speaker. With the familiar 3-band + Presence EQ controls and footswitchable "Classic" and "Ultra Gain" channels, the DSL15C covers the iconic Marshall sound and even gets into modern metal territory with the gain cranked to 10.

Product Specs

  • DSL15C 15/7.5W 1x12 Guitar Combo
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Vietnam

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