Marshall DSL100H 100-Watt 2-Channel Tube Guitar Head w/ Reverb
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Marshall DSL100H 100-Watt 2-Channel Tube Guitar Head w/ Reverb

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The Marshall DSL100H is a 100W two-channel guitar head with four total modes and onboard digital reverb. Footswitchable Classic Gain and Ultra Gain channels, each with two voices, run the gamut in Marshall tones. The bold sound of a Plexi, the crunchy delights of the JCM800 -- this high-powered beast can go from pristine clean to brutal distortion and will fill any venue with it's all-tube tone. The EQ section is expanded from other DSL amps with a bass resonance control you can dial in exactly how you like, and a Mid-Shift button that brings the DSL100H into the realm of modern metal. A rear panel switch flips the power tubes between pentode and triode operation, halving the wattage and lowering the clip point for a saggier distortion at 50W. Pair up with your favorite cabinet and let 'er rip.

Product Specs

  • DSL100H 100W 2-Channel Tube Guitar Head
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Vietnam

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