Marshall 2061X 20-Watt Handwired Reissue Tube Guitar Head

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The Marshall 2061X all-tube amp head is a painstaking recreation of the vintage "Lead and Bass" originally released in 1967. This two-channel blues machine is an incredible studio amp that reacts just as well with single-coil Fenders as it does with triple-humbucker Gibsons. 20 watts of power from twin EL84 tubes also make the 2061X great for small to medium-sized club gigs. For the warmest, fullest tone imaginable, jumper the two channels and push the gain for a luscious overdrive that no boost pedal could dream of.

Product Specs

  • 2061X 20W Handwired Reissue Tube Guitar Head
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United Kingdom

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