Years of Production: 1992 - present

Product Specs

  • 1959 SLP Plexi Head
  • Black and Silver
  • 1990s
Made In
  • United Kingdom

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Reviews for the Marshall 1959 SLP Plexi Head
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  • Verified Purchase

    Outstanding amplifier!

  • the real deal if youre looking Allman bro , hendrix kinda sound..NO JOKE

    i own this amplifier for 2 years and im lucky enough to have a loud band to open the amp up...whatever axes you're feeding the slp with...its going to give you part of your soul at high db ....i have few amps for different bands set ups but ..nothing beats my 1959 slp from 2016 with an 4x12 v30's …

  • Verified Purchase

    The best amp Marshall has made, and is CURRENTLY making! I have played the 1988, 1994, and 2000's reissue with the selectable effects loop and they all sound the exact same... PERFECT! Buy one when you can! Best amp I have ever owned

  • Marshall 1959 SLP

    Verified Purchase

    Marshall's flagship amp....I own a 1999 reissue with NO effects loop ( same as original specs )....No offense to the reissue made after 2000 with selectable effects loop I prefer no effects loop reissue because it's closer to the original specs and I use an original Marshall 1960 TV 4x12 cab with Basket weave wood grill with my Marshall 1959 SLP head.