Manley Labs Nu Mu Dual Channel Tube / Solid-State Hybrid Compressor

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The Manley Labs Nu Mu is a complete redesign, but not replacement, of the original Stereo Variable Mu compressor that's been beloved in recording and mastering studios since 1994. The Nu Mu takes the Stereo Variable Mu's tube gain reduction and mates it with high-voltage discrete solid-state output electronics for a clearer, punchier sound. The new "HIP" feature compresses lower-level signals while leaving the loudest sections alone, retaining exciting transients and big dynamic swings. Coming in at an appreciably more affordable price than its bigger brother, the Nu Mu is an awesome choice for vocals and stereo drum busses, but the final stereo mix is its specialty.

Product Specs

  • Nu Mu
  • Purple
  • 2010s

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