Manley Labs ELOP+ Dual-Channel Electo-Optical Tube Compressor / Limiter

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It's hard to imagine anyone improving upon the original ELOP, but the Manley Labs has done it with the ELOP+ stereo electro-optical limiter and then some. Everything you love, both sonically and functionally, about the earlier ELOP is here. It's absolutely amazing for smoothing out a bass guitar, controlling peaks on a vocal performance, floating stereo acoustic guitars into any mix, the list goes on.

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Product Specs

  • ELOP+ Dual-Channel Electo-Optical Tube Compressor / Limiter
  • Purple
  • 2010s

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Run the first channel into channel two, experimenting with different amounts of gain reduction and different ratios on each channel for a whole new world of two-stage compression. A newly-designed power supply provides high voltages to this all-tube monster for amazing performance and headroom, and the selectable 3:1 ratio and sidechain high-pass filter make the ELOP+ significantly more useful on a number of sources, especially the final stereo mix.