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Malekko's full-featured yet compact delay pedal, with an assortment of external modulation controls, buffers, and internal pots, delivers 650ms of dissonant, pure analog sound. The Ekko 616 MKII is specially voiced and allows for a larger bandwidth to pass than typical analog delays. If you engage the modulation button, prepare for a new level of transformable sound, ranging from subtle chorusing to a monstrous roar. The LoFi E616 MKII is built upon a classic, and its enhanced parts certainly make for an enviable addition to any pedalboard.

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Product Specs

  • Lofi Ekko 616 MKII
  • Green
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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One of the first deliberately dirty bucket brigade delays available was the LoFi EKKO 616, from Portland's own Malekko Heavy Industry Corporation. Now in its second incarnation, the LoFi EKKO 616 extends its BBD delay line out to 650 milliseconds, while abandoning much of the filtering that would have previously been deemed necessary to make an analog delay of this length usable. The result is a pedal that can give a nice, warm slapback when set to shorter delay times, but gradually becomes more haunting, nasty, and discordant as the delay time increases. With its excellent onboard modulation, the LoFi EKKO can generate long repeats that sound like they've been mangled by a bit crusher or ring modulator, fading away gradually into grainy, warped pixel degradation. And it oscillates like a champ, making it the perfect choice for any guitarist that loves those B-movie spaceship landing sounds.