The Optomix is a two channel lowpass gate circuit which functions well as a final stage before effects or output. It's unique Strike and Damp parameters provides control over the attack and release of the envelope triggered by a ping in without requiring a separate ADSR input.

Product Specs

  • Optomix
  • Silver
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Make Noise Optomix
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  • Verified Purchase

    Quick delivery, arrived in great condition as described and great communication

  • Classic vs Rev2

    Verified Purchase

    I've got both the original OM and the 2016 Rev2, and am torn which I like better. Both have that great LPG shaping of the sound, each with a soft vactrol decay—perfect for percussion sounds, whether using an envelope to the Control input or Striking it with a gate. There are 3 main differences: th…

  • Very Natural

    Verified Purchase

    Super smooth sounding 2 channel VCA and LPG that work in parallel together. Can even be used as a simple AD envelope generator, CV or audio mixer, and sidechain compression. Perfect for obtaining natural attack and decay percussive sounds. Works very nicely with a Make Noise STO.

  • Verified Purchase

    great unit, super punchy versatile VCA that can also mix and make percussion sounds.