The Make Noise 0-Coast Semi-Modular Desktop Synthesizer foregoes the East vs. West coast synth debate and offers you a unit that allows complete freedom to make whatever sounds suit your fancy. Built with the option to operate either as a traditional monosynth or with the traditional cable patching, the 0-Coast sports 13 sources, 14 destinations, and voltage control over all circuitry. Throw in dual channels of MIDI to CV and Gate, MIDI controlled arpeggiator, and Triangle Core Analog VCO and you've got a world of synthesis in a box.

Product Specs

  • 0-Coast Semi-Modular Desktop Synthesizer
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Make Noise 0-Coast Semi-Modular Desktop Synthesizer
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  • It feels alive.

    Verified Purchase

    It my first modular. Probably as far as I will go. Really fun. I look at like a sound puzzle because they are so many configurations and when add randomness, it feels alive.

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  • Verified Purchase

    Love it! First piece of modular gear and it’s definitely got me hooked!

  • Deep, solid and weird

    Verified Purchase

    This little box is very deep and it sounds deep too. Great for bass actually. I only scratched the surface of this. I wish some of the ways that you change settings on it were easier to do, especially live. Tons of fun and tone for days.

  • bleeps and bloops

    Verified Purchase

    I was hoping it would stand on its own as a musical instrument. It's great for bleeps and bloops and drones by itself. Be prepared to add at least a keyboard or sequencer to do more.

  • Amazing sound tool to explore

    Verified Purchase

    Incredible synthesizer for jumping into modular music. The layout and logic is slightly unusual at first, but once you become familiar with it ---- it's kind of perfect. I especially love the colors and patterns of the lights to help you understand what's happening. I expect years of exploration, fun, and music. Thanks Make Noise!