Maestro MFZ-1 Fuzz 1976
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Reviews for the Maestro MFZ-1 Fuzz 1976
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  • raunchy, full sounding fuzz

    Verified Purchase

    very open sounding fuzz, probably a bit more on the fuzztortion side. It shares similarities with a very strongly overboosted Distortion+ / DOD 250 (but with more bass) or with an op-amp muff (but with more mids). Very full and rich sounding (not very square-wave-y), very fat. Basically excellent. T…

  • Wall of Useable Fuzz!

    I have always had a tough time using fuzz in a live band environment, usually it gets lost. There is enough cut in the MFZ-1 to be heard and enough warmth to make it pleasing, not harsh. Built like a tank, like a cheese-wedge shaped tank, and fairly easy to repair. Much preferred over fuzz faces.

  • what a wonderful fuzz

    Verified Purchase

    a great fuzz ,a piece of history but in my opinion, it sounds more like a distortion than a pure fuzz, but without the compression of a distortion. You can easely keep the clear sound while adding a fuzzy sound behind, or a complete warm fuzzy sound. It really gives more level with max volume on, s…