Ludwig LM400K Hammered Supraphonic 5x14" Aluminum Snare Drum


The Ludwig LM400 Supraphonic 5x14" Hammered Aluminum Snare Drum takes one of the most celebrated snare designs in history and throws a twist on it with a new look and tone. Built with the same seamless beaded aluminum shell as its smooth counterpart, the LM400K sports a finely hammered shell, which disrupts the air column and adds a darker, woodier element to the crisp bite at the heart of this model. A perennial studio favorite, this snare's 5" depth makes it a home run for sharp attack with ghost notes for days.

Product Specs

  • LM400K Hammered Supraphonic 5x14" 10-Lug Aluminum Snare Drum
  • Chrome-Plated
  • 1985 - 2019
Made In
  • United States

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