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Reviews for the LR Baggs M1 Passive Soundhole Pickup
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  • M1 Passive pickup

    I just bought an M1 passive to put in my Boucher dread to compliment the rather bright Lyric I have installed in it as well.....the two in tandem work marvellously problem with the Lyric was that at high volumes it sounded a bit harsh and too bright ( without using a preamp ) but the M1 i…

  • LR Baggs might be the most thoughtful pickup makers.

    Verified Purchase

    So I own 3 LR Baggs Pickups: the Element, Lyric, and the M1 passive. In case you didn't know (or were curious) LR Baggs leaves a couple extra solder pads on their active pickup systems (the Element and Lyric, for example) which allow you to solder lead and ground connections from a passive source a…

  • LR baggs pickup.

    Verified Purchase

    Love it. Had one but it was stolen. Glad I got another.

  • Verified Purchase

    The product and the purchase system were both faultless but the problem was created by the HMRC controls in the UK. The goods were shipped in good time from Chicago to the UK in three days to arrive at Heathrow, and take two weeks to arrive at the address in the UK from there. Beware of the timescale involved!