Sporting features like a three-knob layout of tone, volume, and drive along with an easy to read LED indicator for operation, the Lovepedal Purple Plexi Overdrive is deceptively simple, but offers huge tone. Designed to emulate the cranked sound of a vintage Plexi head, this rig in a box transforms stage tweed amps and little bedroom practice combos alike into full-on hard rock machines. Great for players who want to dip their toe in the Plexi world without splurging on an actual one or those already initiated who want the option in their current set-up.

Product Specs

  • Purple Plexi
  • Purple
  • 2000s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Lovepedal Purple Plexi Overdrive
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  • Perfect Plexi

    Verified Purchase

    I remember trying this pedal about 10 years ago in a guitar shop in southern California. It was pretty far from my home. By the time I went back to that guitar shop, it was gone. I kicked myself for years for not buying it then. So, I finally got my hands on this box (at a great price). It is…

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  • ty

  • Screamer

    Verified Purchase

    This things scream. Completely transforms my blackface deluxe when needed.

  • Une bombe.

    Verified Purchase

    Lovepedal est une marque d'une grande qualité. Purple Plexi est une des meilleures de la gamme.

  • Love this Lovepedal!

    Verified Purchase

    Great sounds from this pedal! Just the right amount of snarl, not unlike the real Plexi M. Not as warm in the low end as some pedals, but cannot be beat for the cost. It sounded much more amp-like than my Guv'nor pedal. Tone control cuts just the right amount of top end. My 1st choice for Plexi tones.