The Line 6 Spider III 212 Guitar Combo was one of the best-loved beginner modeling amps of the 2000s and continues as an attractive option for newcomers. Built with eight unique amp models ranging from the crystal twang of a vintage tweed to the searing buzz of a modern metal stack, the Spider III also comes with an onboard array of effects operable by a simple knob. Easy to use and full of tone, this is an excellent introduction to the world of guitar.

Product Specs

  • Spider III 212
  • Black
  • 2006

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Reviews for the Line 6 Spider III 212 Guitar Combo Amp
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  • Five stars for doing what it does, however, if you're looking for a "Tone Monster" this is NOT that amp. I bought this amp (via Sweetwater) while stationed in Djibouti Africa and was able to use it for gigs on base (the club house had a capacity of 750) and out in town. With the foot switch (manda…

  • line 6 spider 3 30 watt 1-12

    Verified Purchase

    Not at all impressed. A lot of hiss. Especially at higher volume. Noise reduction works but if I switch channels it has to be activated again. The reverb sounds like crap. Considering returning it.

  • Verified Purchase

    Before this purchase I already had line 6 spider 3 but I had a 75W model. I wanted something louder and something that I can eventually record straight out of the rear jack instead of the front headphone jack. This amp in my opinion has the best configurations for sound and amp simulation when I com…

  • Flextone III 2X12 150 watt combo amp

    Verified Purchase

    I own 6 Line 6 amps and this is my second one of this model. Great amp for the price. Plenty of power and great sound effects. I recommend the FBV short board to get the best use especially if you are doing live performance. I like being able to grab and go. Set up is easy and most common sound effe…