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Reviews for the Line 6 POD 2.0
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  • P o.d vs 2.0

    Very happy with my new toy. Sounds awesome and great overall performance.

  • Da Pod

    Verified Purchase

    I bought this because I have downsized my amps and in doing this I got rid of the on board effects. My pedal board weighs a ton but works great but I'm tired of hauling it around. This Pod takes care of my needs as far as effects go, and this baby takes care of that.

  • excellent tool

    Verified Purchase

    This technology has come a long way. Since this model is a few years old the price is right. I use it for practice with an inexpensive 15w solid state amp and it gives me all that I need in a small package. I run the amp perfectly clean and use the reverb and overdrive on the POD which is much be…

  • Great for certain tones

    Verified Purchase

    I bought this because I heard it on a YouTube video and thought "damn!". I bought it for and only for a kind of John Mayer/SRV style Fender tone. And does it perform that function well - HELL YES. I however would not recommend this if you're looking for a hi-gain Metal tone, it sucks major butt fo…

  • Works good

    Verified Purchase

    Tuner function is a little wacky but overall works good. It was a replacement for one that stopped working.