The Line 6 FM4 Filter Modeler is a filter workstation with over 13 iconic and experimental modes, including classic synth and auto-wath emulations. If you're a fan of Frank Zappa, Ernie Isley, Peter Frampton or Robert Fripp, this might be a pedal worth exploring. Pick one up and get weird.

Product Specs

  • FM4 Filter Modeling Pedal
  • Purple
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Line 6 FM4 Filter Modeler
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  • buckethead.

    Verified Purchase

    that is all.

  • Verified Purchase

    This line of pedals is pretty cool. I wouldn't recommend it for basic filter sounds, or as a wah, as I'm sure there are much more natural sounding pedals out there. The FM4 is great at weirder, glitchy synth sounds and very useful for experimental music where your goal isn't reproducing traditional…

  • Unique

    Verified Purchase

    The title sums it up. Awesome tones, endless possibilities. Truly one of a kind. I might not use it every day but it is great just to mess about and have a great time doing it. Favorite settings: Obi Wah, spin cycle, synth strings and the seeker. This pedal is a must have for the experimenting player.

  • Verified Purchase

    I own 5 of the 6 pedals in this line (don't need a looper) and know quite a bit about line 6 products in general. 3 of these pedals were available as rackmount processors (Mod Pro, Filter Pro, Echo Pro) and I've owned them for years. Line 6 has expanded, but basically there is a core set of amps, …

  • Game changer

    Verified Purchase

    I've been waiting obi-wah... the circle is complete. Great pedal for those who want a more synthy guitar sound and into experimentation. This pedal alone can change your whole perspective on the possibilities of sound.