Laney CUB10 10-Watt 1x10" Tube Guitar Combo Amp

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Reviews for the Laney CUB10 10-Watt 1x10" Tube Guitar Combo Amp
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  • I got my moneys worth

    Verified Purchase

    I think I paid 150 bucks for this bad boy, but I would say it's worth double that. It's not loud enough to rock a room, but I gig with it with a mic. I'm happy, the soundguy is happy, and I can take the bus to gigs.

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  • Excellent amp for harmonica

    Verified Purchase

    Based on all the favorable reviews posted by European harmonica players, I bought this to see if it would compete with my classic Kalamazoo. Overall, it has a slightly less edgy tone than the k'zoo, but if you crank the gain, it can get about 90% there, and it's loud enough to hold its own. This i…

  • Verified Purchase

    Laney Cub 10 good for Blues and Light Pop and very light classic rock but it cannot get a good hard rock tone at all even cranked I definitely know nothing close to metal I was shocked cuz I read the reviews people raved about it and cranked you would think it should be able to get a good hard rock …

  • Wolf in sheeps clothing!

    This amp is a total sleeper! Stock right out of the box you already have a very solid base. The cleans are very nuanced, and rich. Plenty of clean headroom. The natural tube breakup sounds kind of mediocre with the stock parts. However, if you invest in an upgraded speaker, and new tubes... That's w…