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Lakland is a Chicago-based manufacturer based on the collaboration of bass trader Dan Lakin and luthier Hugh McFarland that started in 1994. It currently offers only bass guitars. 

The Skyline Series is the foreign-made counterpart to the USA Series, though final assembly and finishing are done in the Chicago plant alongside the other models. The Skyline 44-64 (formerly the Bob Glaub Signature) is a P-Bass model with Lindy Fralin pickups and a 34" scale length. It is available in a five-string model as well. 

Years of Production: 2002 - present

Body Style: Double cutaway offset P solidbody

Wood Composition: Ash body, flat-sawn graphite-reinforced Maple neck, Maple or Rosewood fingerboard

Design Elements: Hipshot tuners, split Lindy Fralin pickups, dual adjustable bridge

Product Specs

  • Skyline 44-64 Vintage P 4-String with Maple Fretboard
  • Three Tone Sunburst
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Indonesia