KRK Rokit 5 RP5 G3 Powered Studio Monitor (Single)

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The third-generation KRK Rokit 5 powered studio monitors are an update to the company's most popular model, and are an amazing value for any project studio looking to precisely hear what they're recording and mixing. The proprietary "Waveguide" for the soft-dome tweeter provides natural high-frequency response with fantastic imaging, while the 5" kevlar woofer pumps out surprising bass and crystal-clear mid frequencies. The RP5 G3 is bi-amped with a Class-A/B amplifier, yielding very low distortion and high headroom so you can turn up loud when it's time to rock and still hear exactly what's going on.

Product Specs

  • Rokit RP5 G3 (Single)
  • Black
  • 2000s
Made In
  • United States