Korg's Volca Sample gives you hands-on control over 100 built-in samples and well beyond thanks to the AudioPocket iOS app, which lets you create and load in your own sounds and noises. Dig into your sounds with pitch and reverse effects, funk it up with the swing control, or shorten up a kick sample with the decay control to give it more impact. This highly tweakable miniature sequencer can also be easily synced with other Volca and Electribe series gear to build a powerful rig without surrendering a massive amount of your studio or live setup's real estate.

Product Specs

  • Volca Sample Digital Sample Sequencer
  • White
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Korg Volca Sample Digital Sampler & Sequencer
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  • You get what you pay for

    Yes, it's affordable, but in my brief (but still too long) experience using it, the Volca Sample fell far short of all the glowing reviews. I'm not sure what other folks are seeing and hearing, but I couldn't get rid of it soon enough. Where to start? First, the sound quality: tinny, cheap, even af…

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  • Cant be beat

    Verified Purchase

    While most sample based drum machines run between 300 and 900 dollars, the korg volca sample is really a no brainier.Really fun and capable machine that has greatly improved my workflow. Sounds great for the music I like to make.

  • Awesome little beast

    Verified Purchase

    Very cool little machine. Sure, it has its limits... but it's great for on-the-go. I use mine primarily for loading up old-school 80s-inspired drum samples.

  • what a blast

    Verified Purchase

    This actually the second one i've owned. For some reason i sold the first one because of the goofy midi config. Now, I really enjoy just making music on it. the workflow is fun and the amount of control over each sound is really impressive.

  • amazing for money

    Verified Purchase

    To give this less than five stars would be inappropriate for such a powerful and inexpensive sample player. But note that it has little memory and MIDI in, but not out. There are a few other compromises Korg made to get this performance tool to us for this price. This and the FM are the best Volcas IMO.