Bringing the SQ-10 sequencer into bite-sized format, the Korg SQ-1 analog step sequencer was created to control the legendary Korg MS-20. But it's not just for the MS-20 - you can actually control all manner of synths with the SQ-1, both vintage and modern. With 16 steps, super-sturdy metal housing, and edit buttons reminiscent of the much-loved Korg Volca, the SQ-1 was built for lasting versatility, whether you're working with the MS-20 or another of your favorite synths.

Product Specs

  • SQ-1 CV Step Sequencer/Sync Box
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer
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  • Love it !!its added so much to the Volca bass Get One you wont regret it !!!!!

    Verified Purchase

    Love it !!its added so much to the Volca bass Get One you wont regret it !!!!!

  • As limited as you'd expect

    Verified Purchase

    This thing is absolutely incredible for the price. I bought it to get my feet wet with sequencing, and I immediately started noticing that I'd benefit from dumping more money into something fancier. Having said that, it's great for what it is and I've already used it in recordings.

  • Great addition to my modular arsenal!

    Verified Purchase

    I already owned two Korg SQ-1 sequencers when I searched for a third on one Reverb.com. Several of my pals have four or more, so, I decided to get a third one. I really like this sequencer, except for how it sits. All of my modules sit in cabinets facing me as I plat them. The SQ-1 seems to be desig…

  • Verified Purchase

    nice build quality, simple, easy to use thumbs up

  • Fantastic for what it is (and isn't)

    Verified Purchase

    One of the other reviews I've seen here makes a great point: this isn't going to do much for the hardcore euroracker. There are options in that world that are many times more powerful. However, at this price point??!!?! I see *single-row* 8-step eurorack sequencers with *far* less capability sell fo…